Fragen und Antworten rund um Hochzeiten Portraits Shootings





When should we book?

Where are you based and do you travel anywhere for weddings / elopements?

Haha, as soon as possible, of course! No, so have fun aside. Many couples book me about 1 year before the wedding / elopement. But sometimes, if you're lucky, appointments are also available at short notice. As soon as your date is known, write me and I can tell you whether the date for your special day can still be booked. In any case, I am looking forward to hearing more from you and your story soon..

I have been living in Vienna, Austria since 2007, so I am located somewhere in the heart of Europe. But I love telling stories as a destination wedding and couple photographer worldwide. In addition to Austria, e.g. I've already been shooting in Germany, Italy, Iceland, Spain, Norway, Bali, Lombok, Java etc. and I'm curious to see where the next adventure will bring me together with you.



For how many hours can you be booked and do you offer packages?

Can we meet in person beforehand?

In the end, of course, you decide! On weekends in the main season, I only accompany weddings / elopements up from 6 hours. During the week I do also smaller and shorter ones. Most couples usually book me for 8-10 hours. But I also like to accompany you over several days! And yes, I offer various packages that give you great advantages (value) over booking only individual items. But individual proposals aren't a problem at all.

Necessarily! Hardly anything better than that! I like to get to know my couples with a cocoa, vegetable juice or a cool beer beforehand! So we get the first feeling for each other and can chat about you and your big plans and laugh together. If you live further away, I'm looking forward to a Skype, Facetime or Zoomdate with you! Because communication, relationship and trust is the key to amazing photos.



Do you also reserve dates?

Do you also offer videos?

Unfortunately no, even if I would like to. It can also happen that a date remains free for months, but that can change every hour. But if you are really interested in me, you will know in a timely manner whether you want to book me ... or not. I'm sure. It just needs one: YES, we want!

I collaborate with great videographers, with whom I am very well coordinated at work. So if you want a video, of course that's not a big deal



How many photos will we receive after our wedding?

How long do we have to wait for our finished pictures?

Of course, this always depends on the duration, size and happenings of the wedding. Therefore, it is never exactly predictable. But with a normal wedding reportage you can expect between 700-1200 or more pictures. Most are in color and some of course in black and white.

Of course, that depends on which phase of the season we are in at the moment. It usually takes about 4-8 weeks until I deliver the complete package with online gallery, possibly also with a slideshow, wooden box etc. With every post-production I take the time to sort out and edit the photos so that your memories get the perfect finishing touch.



How do we receive the pictures and what else is included?

We have never been in front of the camera and are a little insecure. How should we behave?

You get a great online gallery. Within you can view your photos, download & share them with your loved ones and order various photo products from professional photo laboratories with which I collaborate. Depending on the booking, you will also get a cool slideshow of the best photos and licensed music. From 8 hours you will also get a vintage wooden box including a special USB stick and approx. 15 prints.

Many couples ask me this question. But no fear! You don't have to be models or do things that you don't want. In front of me everyone can be as they (he?She?) want and I quickly notice when someone is not feeling well. It's no shame: With a lot of humor, I quickly create a relaxed atmosphere for you and give you small instructions (advices?) and tips if necessary. In the end you should be in the photos!



What cameras and other equipment do you work with?

Can I also order an album from you?

I always work with 2 Sony full-frame cameras and only use high quality prime lenses (no zooms). They have a very great luminosity and I only have to use flashes in emergency cases. So I can usually capture the natural lighting mood of your wedding. I also work with Leica cameras that are used at one or the other wedding. I am an "available light" photographer through and through!

Yes of course! I think that every wedding deserves a very special album. I collaborate with an album manufacturer that works exclusively with photographers and still produces everything by hand. You can put together pretty much everything from envelopes to paper. You can choose the best pictures and I design the layout for you, which you can also check and change before printing, until you will hold your unique dream album in your hands.