Would you like to have your love held on? Let's go on an adventure together and be armed with bag and baggage to underline your love! Whether outside in nature, at a lake side, in a forest or on the mountain or something more urban, in the middle of a big city. We will have a lot of fun rocking your couple shoot.

Do you have a very special place that connects you to each other? Count me in!

It is important to me that you feel comfortable at the couple shoot, you can move freely and genuinely, you don't have to disguise or pose. I am particularly looking forward to a friendly and natural day together.

I am also happy to accompany you at an intimate home story at your home and we frame your everyday life and your common nest by taking amazing photos.

Or do you want to get your engagement immortalized? Let me know when and where and I'll be there. I will not tell anything to the unsuspecting lucky one!