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      I am Mati, a destination wedding photographer based in Vienna / Austria, with a hat, a beard and a discreet nerd-glasses. I was actually born in a small town with 13,000 inhabitants in the south of Poland. One day we moved to the Baltic Sea. After having sniffed enough ocean air and swallowed salt water, my parents and me emigrated to Germany at the end of the wonderful 80s, where I was able to enjoy my childhood and youth to the fullest. After my studies, I spent a few months discovering the world with my best friend - my backpack. Asia, Australia, New Zealand and many other places. Of course always with me: My camera! How awesome was that? To this day, traveling is next to photography my biggest passion.

      In 2007 it was time to leave my beloved homeland. I decided for the wonderful neighboring country Austria, where I stay until today. So here is the place I live, right at the border to Vienna. Together with my first-class wife, who makes the best "Melanzane alla Parmigiana" beyond the Italian border by the way. Our crazy kids make our family complete - I just love them over everything!
      If you want to know more about my approach to photography, just have a look below ...

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      But let's just come to my little anecdote about photography and my own philosophy about it. Of course, in addition to a camera, technical knowledge, etc., there are many other things that a wedding photographer should have. But there is something more. I can not describe it, but for me photography has something very magical about it. She literally puts me under her spell. At weddings, portrait or couple shootings I do not want to be a service provider, but rather a friend who accompanies you and experience the moment with you. Over the years, I have not only learned to see the world and moments completely differently through photography, but also to perceive and feel them more intensively. It's simply priceless to me and the most important part of my way of photographing - feeling those moments, living them and holding them in their natural eternal origins.

      The shining eyes when the bridal couple look at each other during the wedding ceremony. The tears of joy that stop at the cheekbone. The intimate embraces of two loving people. The laughter, because the beautiful life on this day is at its peak. These are exactly those moments that cause goose bumps behind the camera and that I want to revive for you in the form of photos again and again. The couples should be able to feel at ease with me in any case in a relaxed atmosphere. They should be allowed to be as they usually are: natural, emotional and just themselves.

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      Some random facts about me:

      I love everything that has to do with vintage

      I think I'm tattooed, so I love tattoos

      To travel? Yes, I could travel non-stop

      Sometimes I just drive to the airport without flying away

      A minimal grain on photos is what I like

      I'm a bit sarcastic, some people like it, I guess

      My wife is Italian, I am married to an Italian

      I do not like glittering, not in photos, not in children's room

      These little and big adventures of life, especially connected with nature! Wow!

      "Will you take the hat off one day?" No!

      Nothing works without humor

      I wear my worn Chucks, even though they really have no sole anymore

      I do not like hot beer, but cold one in summer

      I love food, lots of it, but only delicious one

      Soon we will get a dog and my wife wants four more children